Available for the iPhone 4 & 4s and 5 & 5s!

Spike for the iPhone 4 & 4s and the iPhone 5 & 5s were developed in response to the many users and prospective users of the iPhone who have difficulty typing on glass, Spike is a physical keyboard carefully integrated into a sleek protective case. Spike’s individual sculpted keys offer a tactile response that provides the accuracy needed for easy, error-free typing. The keys provide precise input—even if you’re wearing gloves—not achievable by fingers typing on glass.

Over two years in the design and creation, Spike’s keyboard uses the company’s patent pending technology which means, unlike any other keyboard for the iPhone, it doesn’t require a battery to charge, Bluetooth, plugging-in, or sacrificing the iPhone’s daily battery life—Spike is totally power neutral.

Spike can be installed in seconds and it doesn’t cover up the new fingerprint security scanner when installed the iPhone 5s.  Whether installed on either the iPhone 4/4s or the 5/5s, you always have full screen usage as the keyboard rotates and is stowed in the back of the case when not needed. With Spike installed, the iPhone remains perfectly balanced in your hands for easy, error-free typing.

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